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Actions. Becky Long changed info about taitotypex2arcadeloader1560. Actions. Becky Long added attachment taitotypex2arcadeloader1560. This is a zip file containing a font I created in Paint. Download taitotypex2arcadeloader1560 Description This font was designed using Adobe Illustrator CS5. Because it was designed using Illustrator, there are parts that are not exact 1-to-1 the same as other fonts, and the results of scaling may not look the same. But the overall appearance and purpose is the same. This font was designed by Ashley Long on July 7, 2013. It can be used for creating any web pages. Upload this font to the google fonts page for download for free. This font is still under construction and I’m currently working on making it better. Please like/follow for updates. If you like this font, please rate it and use it. Thanks in advance. Actions Click to see different actions performed by users on this page: Like +2 Share +1 Download View +3 Create Downloaded Myspace Find it later Downloads Typefaces are a font family plus a set of design rules (or a format). You can install any fonts from the web for free on your computer. +10 Subscribe View image at Flickr View image at




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